Praise for Three Impossible Promises


"This is a story of the transforming power of culture. In our focus on strategy, we often overlook the reality that culture - deep relationships of mutual respect - drives everything. In my time at P&G, I regularly saw cultural realities trump everything - trust in the organization determined the fate of every CEO. This is what Jesus modeled - influence the lives of 12 people deeply and build a culture of trust and honor. Then watch these ordinary people bring the strategy to life among the crowds and eventually the world."

Denis Beausejour Pastor and former Global VP of Marketing, Procter & Gamble


"Three Impossible Promises is a wonderful story that will touch your heart and inspire you to think differently about the workplace and the importance of organizational culture. It weaves the power of untold human potential, breakthrough business success, and timeless Christian values into a tapestry that only God could have created. It's a great read, and it sends you forward with simple, practical ways to start reaping the benefits right now."

Matthew Kelly New York Times Bestselling author of The Dream Manager


"Three Impossible Promises is an excellent book containing evidence of how God sometimes intervenes in our everyday lives in order to fulfill His will on earth. This is a compelling read containing passion, dedication and team work and, it shows how team and corporate culture is critical for long term success. In particular, this true story shows how success and life flow when we follow the Makers Instructions!"

Gerard Long Executive Director, Alpha USA