Every once in a while the great arc and trajectory of our lives lifts us into the path of a story that is so completely compelling that it changes us forever. At the most fundamental level, the story forces us to change what we believe. The thing grabs us and shakes us and refuses to let us ignore it. We find it so compelling because it touches the very core of our humanity, and because down deep, we know it is absolutely and undeniably true.

This is such a story. This is a story that will touch your heart and inspire you. It will lift you up and cause you to take a fresh look at what you believe about people and organizations. It is a story of faith, character and action, a story of the fantastic power of principle. Above all it is a story of the remarkable potential that sits patiently within every group and every business organization, waiting to be unleashed.

Three seemingly impossible promises all come true and speak clearly to leaders: Deliberately managing your organization's culture is the most powerful thing you can do, and doing it well will enable results that you can barely imagine. If that were not true, the story in this book could never have happened. It did.

This is a true story.