Speaking Opportunities


Celebrate the Power of YOU!

Many people fulfill only a small portion of their potential in life. That will no longer be as true for those who enjoy this high energy program. Lynne will share provocative insights and liberating experiences that promise to entertain and stimulate you, and to unlock and celebrate all the possibilities in you.


Managing in the New Era

Not too long ago, employers and employees had an unspoken contract of loyalty and trust. The reality of mergers, downsizings, growing competition and other forces limit a firm's ability to be "provider and protector" for its employees. For this reason, a new contract between employees and employers is evolving. In this new contract, two tenets are central: meaningful work and healthy relationships. Managing in the New Era spotlights 12 surefire ways to develop "emotional compensation" in your company. This is must-know information for managers in this day and age.


What do we do? How can you get it? Why would you want it?

If you were asked today to do a 30-second commercial about your company could you do it? Would it be powerful? This hands-on program helps you massage your purpose, mission, vision and values into a "knock your socks off" 30-second commercial that can be used at every networking event and social gathering you attend. Never miss a promotional opportunity again!


The Power of Culture – Straight to the Bottom Line!

Why invest in culture? Because it's the right thing to do. Because every instinct we have tells us it's right. And because hard, empirical research PROVES that it directly impacts the bottom line! Hard analytical research is presented in a way that's fun and engaging, and the conclusions are inescapable for even the most skeptical participants. You'll be surprised to learn who did the research, and you'll be inspired by the findings. Culture is a fantastic business lever – and it's free!


Winning in the Current Age – the Power of People

This fascinating session takes participants through the major phases in recent business history, putting today's reality in powerful perspective. The industrial age brought enormous changes. The information age followed, and it changed everything. But it is already over. We are now in the Age of People and Organizations, and this is where progressive organizations are currently gaining competitive advantage and winning. An enlightening and compelling presentation.


The Real Blessing from the 1996 Olympic Experience

What could be more valuable and more desirable than to win an Olympic Gold Medal? Is there anything more significant to come out of the Olympics than that? YES! And, the significance is equally important in your life. Come and share the insider experience of our 1996 Gold Medal winning Women's Gymnastics Team and take home a life-changing paradigm shift that will affect every relationship in your life from this moment on.


R-I-S-K is Not Just a Four Letter Word

What is the difference between taking reasonable risks and being fool hardy? Is it possible to overcome the "fear" roadblock that wants to keep us safely where we are? How can we eliminate the strong urge to "get back to our comfort zones"? These answers and many others will be shared in this empowering and rewarding program that is perfect for those organizations and groups who are attempting to "go to the next level."


Living Life On Purpose

What is the single biggest desire of all people? Universally the answer comes back the same … People want to know that their life has meaning…. People want to make a difference. This stimulating program will lead you through the personal vision, mission and purpose discovery process. You will end up with a purpose statement that can serve as a barometer for all decisions you make in the future. A powerful presentation.


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

This heart-warming, comeback story of Olympic gymnast, Kim Zmeskal, will inspire and impact all who attend. The lessons to be learned are life changing and Lynne's unique storytelling ability will touch your heart as well as your mind.


Valuing the Differences

Diversity is here … in our organizations and communities. The beauty and the challenges of diversity expose themselves on a regular basis. Many organizations are still ignoring or struggling with how to break down the invisible barriers that exist. Lynne's insights and experience introduce breakthrough methodologies and possibilities to finally make change possible.